Become a Value-Prep Partner!

As an advisor to business owners, you know the multitude of obvious and hidden risks owners face by not having a firm grip on the true value of their business.

Our C.O.A.CH Method™ is designed to provide a roadmap for any business owner to follow easily and effectively, to find their true business value.

As a Value-Prep Partner, you can have access to and offer new and existing clients the Simplified Value-Prep® C.O.A.CH.™ method, and resources to support any value conversation on any of the four strategic pillars of an owner’s BIG MOVES:

BUILD to hold and transfer. BUY to grow. SELL to exit and transfer. RENEW to re-vitalize.

With resources of our community and other experienced advisory partners, and books in print and audio format as value conversation openers, you instantly distinguish your practice and firm as one with intrinsic relationship value to your clients.

YOU help protect their wealth. YOU give them control over their path to building BUSINESS WEALTH. You assist them to get to where THEY WANT TO BE.

In turn, they will see this as the true value of a relationship with YOU!

Find out more about becoming a Value-Prep Partner today by scheduling a conversation now!

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