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Welcome to Value-Prep.com! I’m David Wimer, Founder of Simplified Value-Prep® and its COACH Method™. I’ve lived the American Dream of business ownership since age 23 as a business owner, key turnaround executive, family office advisor and M&A advisor. These varied experiences and lenses gave me a unique vision to see the most ignored, universal success factor emerge for today’s privately-held business owner – value.

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    Value is the primary success factor beyond all others that determines a meager or abundant future.

My mission and passion is sharing this insight and proprietary system for others to benefit from what took me a 40+ year career to see, understand and codify into a process. I now educate advisors and  business owners on finding, building and protecting what I call their true value in business.

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    Future business success rests on making the right decisions using the right information.

Over the past two decades, I watched countless business owners hope for the best and work harder and longer in an attempt to move the needle on business value. At the same time, I’ve seen our world grow increasingly complex, and fog our vision when facing critical challenges or significant opportunity.

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    What once worked reliably to improve business value, in productivity and efficiency methods, have all been exhausted.

This gap between what the marketplace now values and an owner’s dream, is widening leaving an owner to question, Is this all I get from my sweat equity, working so hard, and sacrificing so long to achieve? One success factor stands out to me above all the rest. It is so obvious that the path was hidden to most looking for it. It is a compelling case for business readiness.

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    The most important business decision as an owner you will ever make is: To Value-Prep, or not to Value-Prep?

Privately-held companies have always relied on lifestyle and pocket profits. Publicly-held companies have used a value metric to describe quality stocks and to assess performance for many, many years. What has changed for us in the private world? Plenty! THE BUSINESS WORLD around us is on a rollercoaster of its life. And we need to put a stake in the ground that we can count on.

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    One key measure of universal performance, regardless of industry, needs to be at the forefront of every owner’s mind – TRUE VALUE.

No longer are we able to fire into action, without preparation. We need to create a state of constant readiness for whatever may occur, and de-risk more than never before. We must rise up to market challenges and opportunities by value-prepping beforehand. We must ready our true value before attempting to strategically RENEW, BUILD, BUY, or SELL a business.

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    Without identifying TRUE VALUE, we will end up lost, aimless, frustrated and disillusioned. I’ve seen the impacts of being unprepared, and they are financially ugly.

A lack of readiness can outwardly appear like a business has lost its way, its vision, its mission, its energy, and its momentum. If that sounds familiar, you need to read on. If you want to execute strategies seamlessly and flawlessly you need to learn more about our proprietary and proven system, Simplified Value-Prep.

To achieve an owner’s dreams of high growth, business revitalization or a once-in-a-lifetime maximum payday, one simple action is required – value-prepping. Any BIG move requires forethought and planning. We must look inside first and ask the right questions, before we look outside for the right answers. We must know where to look for true value. And when we find true value, we must build on it and protect it.

I guarantee, you’ll never value business the same way. Are you ready? Click here

David Wayne Wimer

David Wimer