Meet the Founder

David Wimer

David Wimer – Founder, CEO & Chief Value Advisor

“There is one question every business owner needs to answer: To Value-Prep, or not to Value-Prep?”

David Wimer, CBI, M&AMI and Fellow of MAS is founder of Simplified Value-Prep®, his proprietary business value-maximizing process. With 40+ years’ experience as an owner-operator, turnaround executive, family office and M&A advisor, David knows true value in business. He is a national speaker and instructor as a subject-matter-expert on value-preparation and business readiness in the privately-held business sector. Since 2019 his courses have been taught nationally to M&A Advisors.

In 2022, Wimer authored and released The Business True Value Series. The Advisor’s Guide to Business Wealth (Munn Avenue Press) outlines the importance of finding, building, and protecting true value for their business owner clients. A companion novella, The Tale of Mac & Murphy (Munn Avenue Press) shares the fictional story of two business owners, Mac an optimist and Murphy a pessimist. Mac & Murphy reveal why value-prepping is critical to value-growth, value-protection and value-readiness.

Throughout his career experiences, David found that one misstep could mean thousands or millions in losses or value impairment. His proven system, Simplified Value-Prep® and its COACH Method™, map each step a business owner must take when attempting big strategic financial moves that affect company value such as to RENEW, BUILD, BUY or SELL a business.

David’s mission is to educate advisors and their client business owners on the benefits of starting the value-prepping process early, easily and efficiently. Simplified Value-Prep® is a practical and easy-to-use tool to finding, building and protecting business true value. As a universal tool and process, Simplified Value-Prep can be applied in any Virtual Data Room (VDR) environment, available as a monthly subscription with value-added services.