When it's time to make a BIG MOVE, finding the value of your business can be like digging for treasure, without a map.

The right map leads you to the right value. Otherwise, you may be giving away TRUE VALUE.


A time comes when you are going to make a BIG MOVE.

The Risk to LOST VALUE is Real:

70% of businesses that have had a valuation do not agree with the output!



Up to 20% Lost Value hidden in the business.
You only get 80% of your true value.



Up to 50% Lost Value of an Acquisition integration.
Your acquisition integration fails to yield accretive benefit.



Up to 70% of the intended Value-Added benefits are lost.
You do not get the growth.



Up to 100% of the Value is lost and company remains distressed.
You lose the company.

How do you know where to dig to find True Value?


Simplified Value-Prep® enables you to:

• Clarify the Vision

• Define the Value

• Maximize the Opportunity

Which means your TRUE VALUE is defined.

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Our “Aim, Ready, Fire” Approach to Validating Value

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Take Aim at your vision

In order to understand your target, we need to know where to aim. During this time we evaluate three key areas of your business: Your Vision, Your Strategy and your Preparedness. We now know your Present Value.

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Ready your TRUE Value

Once we have our AIM, we need to get your business ready. Through our innovative COACH METHOD™, we work together to Calculate, Orient, Adapt and Choose the right path forward for you. We end up with your TRUE Value.

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Fire Into Action

Now equipped with the right value and the right decisions in place, we move forward into a seamless execution to ensure it is right for you and achieves the desired result for your business. We arrive at the RIGHT outcome.

Validating Your Value Pays Off

  • Knowing the True Value means the business is truly value-protected in its decision and defended against chance, uncontrollable events.

  • A seamless platform means the business is ready fast and ready right, alleviating a threat to the transaction.

  • Accurate value readiness means you control the path to strategic success, and your Decisions support and achieve your Vision.


About the Value-Prep Founder

I'm David Wimer and I've invested a lifetime in business: launched five start-ups as an owner/operator, led several financial turnaround successes, and a served for many years as an M&A Advisor. My guidance preserved and generated millions in enterprise value for clients. Those insights are compiled into a proven process: Simplified Value-Prep®, available to Advisors and their business owner clients.

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