The Tale of Mac and Murphy

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Title: The Tale of Mac and Murphy: The Most Important Business Decision You'll Ever Make


What if the unexpected occurs and your solid business and comfortable life are suddenly thrown into chaos—will you be ready?

Enter Murphy, one in a long line of business-owners. He, sure wasn’t ready. When the pandemic hit, his reliable industry suddenly ground to a halt. With customers anxious for orders, his team concerned about the future, and his ability to support his family at stake, Murphy wasn’t sure if he’d be able to weather the storm.

What he didn’t know is that there is one simple step he could have taken to be prepared for any circumstance—even a global pandemic.

Luckily, his cousin Mac introduces Murphy to a team of insightful consultants who ferry him through the magical process of evaluating and value-prepping his business. Murphy learns it’s never too late to be prepared!

Will Murphy be able to change his perspective as a business owner and protect his company, his family, and his community? What is the one step YOU can take to ensure you’re never caught off guard in business?

Grab a copy of THE TALE OF MAC & MURPHY to find out the answer—it’s the most important business decision you’ll ever make!

“This is a book I wish I had read years ago. Yet, I’m glad I read it now because I’m still facing the same challenges I did 25 years ago and some scary new ones. David Wimer shows me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and how to get there.”
—Charles Levin, CEO of the Munn Avenue Press