The Advisor’s Guide to Business Wealth

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Title: The Advisor’s Guide to Business Wealth: The Most Important Business Decision Your Client Will Ever Make


What if every business had hidden treasure, and all you needed was a map to find it?

David Wayne Wimer has distilled the lessons of a 40+ year career as a business owner, turnaround executive, and mergers & acquisitions advisor into a new, formalized system called Simplified Value Prep®. This treasure map helps an advisor’s business owner client to find, build and protect their true business value.

Missing one detail, without the right decision support system, can rapidly torpedo a business owner’s vision and impair the desired strategy. Without a proven process, an owner can endlessly dig holes in the hope of finding treasure, but never receive a payback. Wimer’s innovative approach is designed to support an owner’s strategic decision to RENEW, BUILD, BUY or SELL a business.

What if your clients could increase the value of their business by hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars NOW, rather than waiting when they’re under pressure, dealing with a crisis, or facing a sale or acquisition?

Unexpected or uncontrollable events occur in every business. By maintaining a constant state of readiness, and using quantifiable metrics to measure progress, owners can significantly grow their business value over time.

Every business, not to mention business owner, is different and represents a different set of challenges for an advisor. THE ADVISOR’S GUIDE provides clear breakdowns of different types of owners, their perspectives and hang-ups, their personality types, what to expect as an advisor, and how to guide any owner towards achieving their strategic vision.

With compelling, real-life anecdotes from his career as an owner and advisor, Wimer lays out guidelines and his proven system for enhancing the advisor-owner relationship, as well as practical financial tools that clients can put to use TODAY by using Simplified Value-Prep®.

THE ADVISOR’S GUIDE contains everything you need to work effectively with your clients in a systematic way to reorient their thinking towards value-first and to help their businesses flourish for generations to come.

To take your consulting practice to the next level and grow with your clients, grab your copy of THE ADVISOR’S GUIDE today!

“... In his book, Dave's simple system to maximize business wealth is an easy solution that also provides long-term value protection when life happens.”